Chronicles of a #workfromhomemom Part 2

Chronicles of a #workfromhomemom part 2. Yesterday, was my 2nd recorded episode with my girls over at @inspirethevibe and I was SUPER excited. We had my good friend and owner of @bluescoopcreamery Kim join us, as well as THE Nikki & Nicole from @nikkiskitchenyl . Anyways, I wanted to share another behind the scenes lookContinue reading “Chronicles of a #workfromhomemom Part 2”

Chronicles of a #workfromhomemom Part 1

Since we entered this weird period of time about a month ago (thanks Coronavirus!), I’ve realized exactly WHY I send my kids to school and why homeschooling is not my first choice. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love my kids and there are some serious pros to having them home right now (i.e. PJsContinue reading “Chronicles of a #workfromhomemom Part 1”

The ART of Time Management (my favorite topic, seriously.)

Yes, you read that right. For context, my husband and I have been known to have long discussions surrounding Powerpoint, Excel and the like, so this being my favorite topic is kind of fitting for me. But I digress…. If I could pin point one area where I have constantly received positive feedback, and questionsContinue reading “The ART of Time Management (my favorite topic, seriously.)”

Why Hire Freelance?

Ok, Ok. You’ve seen the articles, you’ve heard the stories. But you’re still a little unsure? I mean, you’ve made it this far doing it on your own, why hire freelance now? For starters, have you read my recent post about the 3 hardest words for Business Owners to say? “I need help.” We allContinue reading “Why Hire Freelance?”

Growing my Skills through Non-Profit Work

Everybody has to start somewhere. For me, it was customer service at a local grocery store. Truth be told, I detested it. But I also learned a great deal from it, and would likely not be where I am today without it. (Regardless of the fact that I met my now husband there.) The pointContinue reading “Growing my Skills through Non-Profit Work”